Collabortive Divorce is an an out-of-court way to resolve your divorce disputes in a respectful, non-adversarial manner. Never heard of Collaborative Divorce? Heard of it, but want to know more? In this episode of my divorce advice podcast, we are again joined by family law attorney Suzy Eckstein. Together we explain and demystify the important aspects of Collabortive Divorce– what it is, how it works, and what makes it different from all other divorce process options. We address common questions and concerns, such as “What is the difference between Collaborative Divorce and mediation?”, “How much does Collaborative Divorce cost?”, “My spouse and I communicate pretty well, do we really need Collaborative Divorce?”, “Is it true that if I end up having to go to court I’ll lose my lawyer?”, “What if my ex isn’t the collaborative sort?”, “What if I have a secret I don’t want to disclose?”, “What if I’m worried my spouse is hiding something?”, “What if my spouse is abusing drugs?”, “What if there is violence in our family?”, and more.

Is Collaborative Divorce Right for You?