If you’re getting separated or divorced, where you’ll each live is one of your biggest concerns. You have questions, like: “Can one of us keep the house?”; “Should one of us buy the other out?”; “How do we figure out what our house is worth?”; “Can I qualify for a mortgage, and what can I do to increase my chances?”; “What if I have been out of the job market for years?”, and “If I don’t keep the house, should I rent or buy?” Mortgage professional Margie Hofberg has decades of experience helping separating and divorcing people to navigate this often anxiety-producing process. In this episode of our podcast she shares helpful, reassuring, important and often surprising tips you need to know right now (before you sign your Separation or Divorce Agreement!) –to ensure that your transition from one household to two goes as smoothly as possible.

Divorce, Mortgages and What to Do with Your House