Want to be a Better Collaborative Practitioner?

Want to be a Better Collaborative Practitioner?

The Art and Science of Multidisciplinary Collaborative Teamwork: A 4-Session Online Seminar
Kate Scharff, MSW

July 2020

Beyond Competence: The Art and Science of Multidisciplinary Collaborative Teamwork

Multidisciplinary teamwork is at the core of Collaborative practice. When professionals can build relationships characterized by trust and respect and take the time to learn and internalize the requisite skills, deep, durable and transformational outcomes are possible. But sharing the Collaborative sandbox is hard work, even for seasoned practitioners. Each interaction reveals potential hot buttons to push and landmines to trigger. A seven-way meeting can feel like an emotional billiard table — communications and metacommunications crossing and re-crossing at multiple angles, in real time at light speed.

In this seminar we will apply lessons from psychodynamic theory, mindfulness and conflict resolution to describe a comprehensive model for enlightened team practice.  Using a mix of didactic, interactive and experiential learning, we will explore such issues as:

– Divorce as a developmental breakdown in the life of a couple and family and implications for our work
– The human relationship to change, “The Three Conditions for Positive Change,” and how to create/apply them in the Collaborative container
– Understanding our clients’ emotional dance and the impact of their dynamics on team functioning
– Learning to notice on a deep level; containment, empathy, attunement and listening with “involved impartiality”
– The importance of self-awareness, and managing unconscious bias
– Team function and dysfunction–repairing and learning from team ruptures and “enactments”
– Working with difficult colleagues
– The essence of advanced technique
– Unconscious competence; harnessing our intuition

Approach. This seminar is intended to be highly interactive in order to maximize learning. It will belimited to 25 attendees. Each must commit to attend the entire course (all 4 online sessions). Sessions will be on consecutive Thursdays from 9:00-11:15 AM PDT, commencing July 9, 2020.  Participants must have a computer with webcam and broadband Internet service.

This seminar will require learners to examine their emotional strengths and vulnerabilities; we will need to work together to build an environment of trust and safety in which to share. To protect our process, no applicant with scheduling conflicts that would prevent them from attending all four sessions will be accepted.

Minimum prerequisites for attendees. Participants must have completed at least one Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training (minimum of three days), as well as mediation training. An additional intermediate training is preferred. Additionally, participants must have participated in a minimum of five team cases, be IACP members, and belong to a practice group.

IACP Whole Group Members – $275
IACP Individual Members – $295

Applications are now being accepted.  Those selected to participate will be notified by IACP with registration details.
Application fees (less a $25 processing fee) are refundable prior to June 26th, 2020 5pm PST to please contact info@collaborativepractice.com ensure your refund is processed. After June 26th, 2020  refunds (less a $75 processing fee) will only be processed if we are able to fill the space from the waitlist.

Active IACP members are asked to complete the below application form. Admission will be limited to 25 participants. We will consider anyone who meets requirements but will attempt to create a balance between financial neutrals, attorneys and mental health professionals while sticking as closely as possible to a first-come-first-serve policy. Any applicant meeting the participation criteria who is not accepted may be placed on a waiting list.

COURSE APPLICATION: https://www.collaborativepractice.com/registrant-application-beyond-competence-four-session-online-training-seminar

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